I never asked no one for nothing
But I’ve given the shirt off my back
All my life I been searching for something
That always leaves me dead in my tracks
I should have left town a long time ago…
And followed the sounds that burn in my soul….

I should have listened to those voices
Calling me from out in the rain
I should have made more careful choices
I've only got myself to blame
There’s too much wrong with everybody ‘round here
It’s too dark out and death’s too near

And while the goodfellas kiss the boss’ ring
I’m out on the hustle with the underlings
Trying to survive I’m into everything
I’m marching in my own parade
With one foot in the grave, oh, yeah
I got one foot in the grave

Who’s this stranger in the mirror?
Who’s this looking back at me?
I’m tangled up in devil’s wire
And the chains of destiny
To the victor go the spoils
The vulgar wheel gets the oil
I’m stubborn and I’m angry and vengeful
I’m sinful as a man can be
It’s a season to be wary
The boys have got their eyes on me
Now, I lay me down to steal
What do you say we make a deal

I should have left town a long time ago…
And followed the sounds that burn in my soul….

Lies are a poor man’s pennies
Love is a rich man’s game
With poison tipped words on my tongue
I never bowed my head in shame
Until you stand up, you just don’t know
How big a shadow you can throw

I’m back to begin
Where I left off
There’s always a temptation
There’s always a cost
I never measured up
To the lies that they feared
Let me hide in your arms
They’ll never find me here
Both genies and prayers
Never helped me none
Bite the bullet, do or die
I’m always on the run
Danger's always lurking
Trouble's always near
Tonight I’m shedding my skin
They’ll never find me here
Let’s get this show on the road
By now you think I’d have learned
You get too close to the flame
And that’s when everything turns
Underneath a restless moon
I shot out the stars
I robbed a car in Jersey City
I didn’t get that far
The county cops they nailed me
On a Bayonne pier
Now, I’m coming back to you, babe
They’ll never find me here
You caressed my arm
And said I should stay
You said I turned you on
In a hoodlum sort of way
Now, I stepped in the ring
With many a tough fighter
I’ve known lots of women
I’ve had many one nighters
But you’re a holy vision
You’re all that I hold dear
Unless my sixth sense fails me
They’ll never find me here

Driving down the turnpike on a winter’s night
Three AM, it’s freezing, and my money’s tight
But I’m hoping there’s a bar’s open to drink you away                                       
Born a fallen angel in the devil’s rain
You licked all my wounds, I fell into your game
Now, it’s over and my heart’s colder than yesterday
Get out of my way, girl, get out of my life
I’ve been betrayed for the very last time

‘Cause you rob and you cheat
And you lie through your teeth
You’re a traitor, sooner than later
You reap what you sow
It’s gonna be a long, hard
Dark night of the soul
Yeah, It’s gonna be a long, hard
Dark night of the soul
All the blood members of this strange blind place
Told me all about you, tried to set me straight 
They said you’re poison, that you’d take joy in bringing me down
In this shoebox where the big eat the small
These wizards don’t use mirrors in these guilty hallways of harshness and darkness 
They don’t fool around...
And they've got a name for what you been doing
Yeah, that’s what they call a royal screwing

Stumbling past the graveyard where the junkies sleep
On the corner as I breathe in the black streets
I keep thinking as I’m sinking in the underground
Like the distant cry of a lonesome train
I’m fading away, you can forget my name
It’s the last time I walk the line for you anymore
My heart was a plaything, you kept on your shelf
You left me a shadow of my former self

Who turned up the volume?
Who slaughtered the lamb?
I been shanghaied
To this wasteland
Where everything’s dreadful
They poisoned the wells
Like all tragic heroes
From grace I fell
Like all tragic heroes 
From grace I fell
My legs have grown heavy
They’re so hard to raise
My sad eyes send out
Less hope these days
I cowered and I crawled
Like a genuine fake
I stumbled around 
For too long in disgrace
I stumbled around in disgrace
There's a journal written in my blood
It’s a tale of my sorrows and loves
I keep asking the mirror of time
Is this the end of the line?
Alone with my ghosts and my crimes
Cruel scars on my heart
Hard lines on my face
Like lashes on backs of 
a million slaves
The desert streets are 
Swarming with snakes
But I still survived
This error of fate
Yeah, I still survived
This error of fate
The truth gets ugly
Living in regret
The choices we make
Lead to our last breath
Now, I ain’t scared of nothing
Not any of you clowns
I’m torn and I'm tattered
But I ain't going down
I’m torn, but I ain't going down 
Now, the shame that I’ve carried
All across the years
Burns within 
But escape is near
Graveyards yawn
And black winds they will blow
Hell’s where I'm from
But it ain't where I’ll go
Hell’s where I'm from
But it ain't where I’ll go
Dead end journeys 
Endless despair
I'm headed for nowhere
I'm almost there
My long confessions 
Are buried with my sins
I praise the magician
I don’t believe in him
Alone I wallow in my sins

Barry died in a fire          
Danny took his own life 
Larry drowned in the ocean 
Murphy's car crashed one night
Tommy died of cirrhosis
And I'm still alive 
My final act has just begun 
All my friends died too young 
All my friends died too young 

Where one thing ends, 
Another begins 
It's a nod and a wink 
I run from my sins 
I just can't escape 
This situation I'm in 
I'm angry, but I'm biting my tongue 
'Cause all my friends died too young 
All my friends died too young 

One on the wrist, one on the chin 
Nothing to lose, nothing to win 
I'm on the shelf, I'm looking in 
Under the thumb...
Of all my friends who died too young 

Black birds on the wires 
Like notes on a staff 
The drunken town crier 
Is good for a laugh 
I'm lighting a candle 
My heart's torn in half 
Pretending that I'm deaf and I'm dumb 
All my friends died too young 
All my friends died too young 

Nobody knows
Nobody cares
My mind is a graveyard
I'm stranded there
Dancing with ghosts
An endless nightmare
It never made no sense to some
But all my friends died too young
All my friends died too young 

How come it's so quiet
How come it's so still
Moonlight on shadows
Too much time to kill 
When we least expect it 
Here comes the bill
The hand of fate always has it's fun
All my friends died too young
All my friends died too young 

Sammy died of cancer 
Christine died of Aids 
Vinnie died in prison 
Joey had a switchblade 
Stuck in his chest 
He died calling my name 
He didn't listen when I screamed, "Run!" 
All my friends died too young 
All my friends died too young

This stone ribbon road’s got me sleepy
It’s dark as a thousand midnights
I’m trying to reconnect
But there’s so much I can’t forget
As I make my way back home tonight
All my desperate prayers went unanswered
As your world went around in make believe
The ending never fits
The American myth
Since you’re gone there’s nothing left for me
I'll melt away
Like a stranger in the mist
Like all the men
That God likes to kick
I'll fade away
Like a last chord dies
They'll be no tears 
Because the damned don’t cry
They'll be no tears
Because the damned don't cry

I built my own coffin in the hot sun
It’s waiting for me when my life is done
There’s so much I regret
Girl, I curse the day we met
This chip on my shoulder weighs a ton
 I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing
When you said my nearness frightened you
You don’t really care
My heart’s handcuffed to a chair
At this point I've got nothing to lose
I’m looking at old photos of my dead friends
And the person that I used to be
As night kills the day
Well, there’s nothing left to say
You can blame it all on me
All unshaven shadows meet this same fate
Living at the mercy of the wind
Sinners in the sun
I’m a sinner on the run
I gave up searching for a prize to win

I’m fighting my own battle
With a broken sword
Going through the motions
Emotionally bored
Stillness in the moonlight
Nobody’s around
Silent as the lifeless
Buried underground
The city in the shroud
Drones on wearily
Surmounting civilized thought
Benighted urgency
Waiting eyes that watch me
Convicting no one else
Even Judas had the
Grace to hang himself
It’s a cruel world
No one cares
We’re all faceless
No one dares
Disturb the endless misery
The troubling anxiety
We’re all afraid and lonely 
Bones in the landscape
Bones in the landscape
The five o’clock shadows
Sit in whiskey bars
To kill the day’s nightmare
And to hide the scars
Hey, what can I tell you?
These are changing times
You pour your own troubles
And I will pour mine
Now, I’ve known gangsters
And I’ve known priests
I languished in the shadows
In the belly of the beast
The drip, drip, dripping
Of endless solitude
My quest for redemption
Led me straight to you

It’s an ugly world
Veiled in mystery 
Pack up your blue suitcase
Come away with me
I’ve had it with these charades
And everything I’ve lost
Has left me disconnected
Meek and overwrought
And sulking all around
I hide my tears from well-adjusted clowns
Who grimace as they force me underground
Banished from their world
I vanish from their stares
Driven to my knees
I whisper silent prayers
The words get synchronized
With each beat of my heart
This insufficient love’s
Been with me from the start
Everything’s so empty
Everything’s so harsh
Everything’s so silent and so dark
No saviors come, that’s the just way things are
Even Daddy’s got a secret
Mommy doesn’t know
I followed him one night
I know where he goes
Nothing is for certain
Only dirty lies
Put your faith in nothing
It’s cryptic suicide
I stumble past the starers
I’m no one they’ll remember
I stand among the weary raincoats
Raincoats in December
Raincoats in December
It’s raining on the sidewalk
It’s raining in my heart
This endless loneliness
It’s tearing me apart
I’m just another victim
Of the tragic dream
Always out of step
With the banal mainstream
Remember when this life was
timeless as the sky
Long before they raped our hearts and minds
Now, I stand aloof and crucified…
It’s an ugly world
Veiled in mystery
Pack up your blue suitcase
Come away with me
You’re too good for sainthood
You’re too good for them
You’re a masterpiece
Whose property’s condemned
If I could I’d sprinkle
Magic in the eyes
Of all the lonely souls that stand aside
Forever tortured and too weak to fly

Now, Bobby said to Al,
"I'll drive if you're tired
This time we're gonna score
Without a bullet fired
We're taking candy from a baby
Who could ask for more
Just lemme do the talkin'
You cover the back door
Don't do what you did last time
With that watchmen at the gate
You shot him for his hat
And his semi .38
Don't be a psychopath,
Just be cool for chrissake

Now, Al said to Bobby,
"I got a message to send
Lemme introduce them
To my little friend
Just let me go in first
And I'll blast whoever's there
Trust me, my gangster brother 
We make an awesome pair
I say we eat alone
And when we hit the rendezvous 
Where the boss is waiting for us
Yeah, I'll clip him, too
You know he bought his button
He always hated me and you

"Hey, man, you're pretty slick 
You got a smart mouth
You're a genuine rebel
But it's time to get out
My wind blows to the east
Your wind blows to the west
I just can't decide
Which one of us is best
'Cause now I’m getting tired
I been too long on the run
I'll flip you for the hat
And the dead man's gun
Yeah, I'll flip you for the hat
And the dead man's gun"

Now, Bobby said to Al,
"You talkin to me?
I already decided
The way it's going to be
Don't make any demands
Just let me run the show
And by this time next week
We'll both be in Mexico
Let’s not get trigger happy 
We ain't in this for fun
Get ready, my sick friend
This night has just begun"

I swear your head is empty

Like the dead man's gun

Now, Al said to Bobby,
"What are we fighting for?
There's a bottle on the backseat
Pop the cork and pour
You're the only goodfella
I'd saddle up with
C'mon, step on the gas
We got a jewelry store to hit"
They toasted to each other
But each had their own plan
To take the other out
And take it on the lam 
They both were double crossers
They didn't give a damn

As the score was going down
Someone tripped the alarm
A guard went for his gun
He just couldn't stay calm
As they exchanged gunfire 
They met their final rest
Bobby shot Al in the head
Al shot Bobby in the chest

Now, Bobby said to Al,
With his last dying breath,
"I'll see you in hell
You know it's a safe bet
That's where we'll both be going
That's where we’re gonna land
Like all the dead badasses
With pistols in their hands
The two of them went out 
In a daring blaze of glory 
In a hail of gunfire
Vulgar and derogatory 
They died like movie heroes 
And that's the end of their story

In my heart of hearts
I know that I’m to blame
Your beauty set my soul ablaze
Your memory fans the flames
Too many details
Always crowds my mind
Too many empty hours
Left for me to pine
You told me I was sinking
In quicksand of sorrow
Too late for today
Too early for tomorrow
It’s a hard lesson to learn
Tonight in bed I’ll toss and turn
All my love letters you burned
Now, my heart is crushed and torn
I’m lost in an endless storm
I see a different picture, now
With these same old eyes
There are nothing left but sad regrets
I’m out of alibis
So, hip, hip, hooray
For your new love
I hope that he completes you
I hope that he’s enough

In this dirty, stinkin’ town
I let the bastards grind me down
Silence was my only sound
I never felt like I belonged
I’m lost in an endless storm

Endless storm
Endless storm
The road is cold
The road is long
Endless storm

I can’t walk on water
And I never could fly
I’m headed for the border
I’m leaving here tonight
In my darkest hour
I know I’ll think of you
Forever young and beautiful
Like when our love was new
In a world that’s so unjust
I never smiled or said much
I took for granted your sweet touch
And I treated you with scorn
I’m lost in an endless storm
Endless storm, endless storm
Endless storm, endless storm

Johnny Boy Mollica

All words and music

Johnny Boy Mollica

Well, it ain’t like it looks
I’m just playing a game
Ain’t got much money in my pocket
But that’s all gonna change
I got me some whiskey
I got me a plan
I got me a friend
Hiding in my waistband
I give in to dark temptation
But I never get stuck
I’m a sharkskin sharpie
I got New Jersey luck
I rob the girls’ pocketbooks
While they’re on the dance floor
I throw them all kisses
As I strut out the door
I got me a honey
On the other side of town
We’re gonna kick it all night
In a Weehawken lounge
I stood where Burr shot Hamilton
And I counted my bucks
It’s a five finger discount
It's New Jersey luck
It’s New Jersey luck
I got New Jersey luck
It’s New Jersey luck
I got New Jersey luck
It’s a five finger discount
It's New Jersey luck
The bigger they come
The slower they crawl
This world ain’t fair
Its loser takes it all
We’re all running scams
As far as I can see
If it ain’t nailed down
It’s coming with me
Tomorrow will come
Tomorrow will go
When it all stops
Nobody knows
You take what you want
You want what you take
I ain’t making excuses
I ain’t making mistakes
I wasn’t born for nine to five
Like other suckers and schmucks
I was born for the action
I was born with New Jersey luck

My story’s a tale of endless sin
All my life I’ve been a restless wind
Like a careless child in the dark
I was reckless with your selfless heart
Stranded on the trail, lost in the storm
Every desperate turn I took was wrong
All the lies I told I can’t defend
You said you’d be nobody’s fool again
I can’t say I blame you
I’m sorry I shamed you
But if you’d give your love to me
Just one more time
I’d be the last man standing
At the end of the world
It’s my last crash landing
In your arms, I swear it, girl
You’re all I’ll ever want
You re all I’ll ever need
You’re all I really love
If you came back to me
I would be the last man standing
If my name comes up, tell them I died
Struck down at the crossroads of my life
Say I was an angel or a fake
You can say I was your worst mistake
I’m all out of hope, I’m out of schemes
I’m an old trick everybody’s seen
Endless, sleepless nights thinking of you
Praying to deaf heaven for a clue
To help me reach you
I know I deceived you
But if you gave your heart to me
Just one more time

The night of the big cheat
I met Frankie on Ninth Street
He said that this one score
Would put me back on my feet
He made it all sound easy
Like a child's game
The capos and the soldiers
Would never know my name
The night of the big cheat
In the hot summer heat
We went over the plan
Till it was tight and neat
Monk and One-eyed Louie
Would get rid of the car
The cops would never prove
We ever left the bar
On the night of the big cheat
The night of the big cheat
The night of the big cheat
So, line up Bogie and Cagney
And Robinson and Garfield
I'll spit in all their eyes
And I'll tell them all how I feel
About this life of crime
That brought down all this heat
And put me on the lam
On the night of the big cheat
The night of the big cheat
The night of the big cheat
I’m still on the run from
The night of the big cheat
The night of the big cheat
Louie got cold feet
Frankie put two in his head
No turning back for me
A hundred-fifty large
Was sitting in a safe
In a warehouse on the docks
The mob owned the place
The night of the big cheat
I'm in the driver's seat
I pulled the car up slowly
Behind Mulberry Street
Now, you rob from wise guys
You know you're history
They'll find you chopped up
In a car on the L.I.E.
On night of the big cheat
The night of the big cheat
The night of the big cheat
The night of the big cheat
A night filled with deceit
The safe was cracked, 
The money sacked
But there's no cut for me
This fucking Monk whacked Frankie
And he split with the dough
He dropped a dime on me
Now, my name the big boys know
The night of the big cheat
You'd never want to meet
The animals we robbed from
Your mother's heart they'd eat
How could I be so stupid
How could I be so green
I was the set-up fall guy
The patsy of the team
On the night of the big cheat
The night of the big cheat
It was the night of the big cheat

I know wicked women
I know evil men
I come into this world
With a dead man’s hand
I'm destined for the gallows
And the hangman’s noose
My momma said the chickens
They come home to roost 
Yeah, Momma said the chickens
They come home to roost 
They set fire to the straw man
Dancing on a stick
Murder frees the beast
Get it over quick
I got no shoes to fill
Too many wounds to lick
And no shadows to follow tonight
Hell must be deserted
All the devils are here
Claudius is pouring
Poison in the ears
Of all the doomed outlaws
And whiskey kitten sluts
Beware of what they’re hiding, boys
Their traps snap shut
Beware of what they’re hiding, boys
Their traps snap shut
Under a blood orange sky
Endless dead shadows crawl by
Lost desperate hearts filled with grief
Wounded and dying on cruel naked streets
Cruel naked streets… 
Cruel naked streets...
They’re waiting for me….
The ghosts of the Westside
They're tugging my coat
The harsh facts of life
Have been shoved down my throat
It’s pine on skull
The hero and the goat
I’m forever fighting
Alligators in the moat
Yeah, I’m forever fighting
Alligators in the moat

Your fingernail polish
Was always blood red
So was your lipstick
And your mother’s bedspread
We’re two of a kind
We’re thicker than thieves
I’m a punch to the stomach
You’re a card up a sleeve
We planned it together
We made it come true
Now, we got enough money
What’s keeping you?
I’m waiting for you, baby
With roses and wine
In the Westview Motel, 
Room 309

There’s so much I hate
So little that I love
This life’s been a struggle
No help from above
Every man should taste power
Before he’s through
Knock three, four, one
So I know it’s you
And keep a tight watch
On your back trail
If you get unlucky
I’ll make your bail
I’m somewhere in nowhere
Hiding from the headlines
In the Westview Motel
Room 309
Where are you, baby?
I’m worried crazy
You know we ain’t got much time
I’m pacing the floor
I’m waiting by the door
I’m just about to lose my mind
There’s blood on my shirt
And dirt on my hands
He never figured me
For a steppin’ razor man
Thunder and lightning
Tore up the sky
And in that fierce storm
I buried the guy
I took a hot shower
I’m wearing his suit
Now, I’ll save my breath
For cooling my soup
How come your line’s busy?
I called fifty times
From the Westview motel, 
Room 309
Where are you, baby?
I’m worried crazy
You know we ain’t got much time
I’m pacing the floor
I’m waiting by the door
I’m just about to lose my mind
Time passes quickly
Like wind on your cheek
And dead men’s eyes
They never speak
A railroad sunset 
Was sinking to the West
When they got to you
And you confessed
You cooperated
With the DA
For clemency
To put me away
They battered down the door
And charged me with the crime
In the Westview Motel,
Room 309

Failure always sticks
Like gum on your shoe
I was born looking guilty
On a dead avenue
Where nobody cared
If I lived or I died
I got a meeting at midnight
With a dangerous guy

Daddy died with his tongue 
Stuck in a bottle
A son of the gun
Was his role model
There's a long trail of hate
There's a loud shriek silence
I got a meeting at midnight
There could be violence

Dig a hole and bury the past
Spit on it twice and start over fast

My life's wrapped up 
In a dirty headline
Echoes of nightmares 
Still ring in my mind
The confused become certain 
The soft become hard
I've got a meeting at midnight
I'll send your regards

Dig a hole and bury the past
Spit on it twice and start over fast

The older you get 
The less questions you ask
Pour me a drink 
And fill up my flask
My back's against the wall 
I've got no time to sit 
I've got a meeting at midnight
It's come down to this

The Newark skies
They were fast asleep
As I staggered through
The Ironbound streets
With a slug in my gut
No, I ain't' gonna last
I had a meeting at midnight
It's getting dark fast
I had a meeting at midnight
It's getting dark fast

Pardon me if you will
But I'm mad enough to kill
I keep slipping down the hill
Enough is enough
All my life I had the thirst
Always though I'd get there first
Then things went from bad to worse
And crushed my victory cup
Show me yours, I'll show you mine
It seems I'm angry all the time
Searching for what I can't find
Stumbling in the dark 
Undernourished, underfed
Monsters underneath my bed
Why you fucking with my head,
And what's left of my heart?

And I'm on my way
I won't stay
In this place
False tales are told about me 
They won't quit
Lies and dirty tricks
The devil's kiss
On the lips
Now, I'm an urban myth

Every face is a road map
Every promise is a trap
This time I won't take the rap
For what I've never done
I have no fear of man or plague 
Watch out, I'm a powder-keg
You will never see me beg
Or ever see me run
I'm standing in the midnight rain
Trying hard to maintain
My place in this crazy game
Battling these sharks
I'm fading into nothing fast
My third act will be a blast
50-50 I won't last
Or ever leave my mark

The truth is unspoken
Nothing but bad omens
Haunt me every step I take
My eyes are wide open
I had my jaw broken
I can't bare no more mistakes

You'll get nothing out of me
I won't risk my sanity
There's a hole in the city
That I'm hiding in
What's the problem, what's the rush
I still hate that mushy stuff
You don't like it, well, that's tough
Let the war begin 
Everything was just a joke
As my world went up in smoke
I'm at the end of my rope
Bloodstains on the ground
Why did I act like a punk
Why did I have to get drunk
Why did I mess with that junk
After you left town?

You and I heard voices
No one else could hear
I dare not put in writing
Both our furtive fears
Stark naked before each other
We were cavalier
I though that love was ours for evermore
Finally blessed with what I had longed for
I lived in your verses
I married your prose
We were lovers in the heat
We were poets in the cold
But love began to fade
It betrayed us both
You fed my letters to the angry flames
The wounds of my devotion left me lame
Sunset red over Hudson skies
Meet me in the shadows
Under the bridge tonight
With lilac in your hair
And the flush of marigolds
Forever cloaked in rainbows
We’ll never grow old
And from the lips of angels
Our story will be told
Sin always brings plague
The serpents arrived
Like a wagon full of corpses
Not a bit of hope survived
Slaughtered like a boar
Ravaged like a crow
How I would survive, I did not know
I became a fiend, I sank so low
Laughter is forgotten
Grief is never gone
Like poetry and portraits
It always lingers on
In courtrooms and in theatres
In churches and graveyards
I blamed my fate on the devil and God
My hand was dealt and I ripped up the cards
I had just a few friends
And many enemies
An existential threat
In captivity
The world viewed me as worthless
It hardened my heart
Chaos and deceit
Became my counterparts
It began to rain
You began to cry
I kissed you everywhere
Your neck, your lips, your eyes
You wore a mask of tragedy
But it was a disguise
Something in your kind heart changed your mind
Through the stillness, I heard church bells chime
I would build a shrine to you
In a mystic place
Free from all calamity
That this cruel world made
It was a painful parting
It was a long tirade
Now, the clouds that darkened all my days
Are dead and buried in an unmarked grave

Irish Pat Murphy
He came from my town
A local prize fighter
A king with no crown
He fought in the garden
He fought on my block
A neighborhood legend
K O’d with hard knocks
I can still see him
On his fight nights
Shamrocks and green
A glorious sight
Italian knits,
And patent leather shoes
The lord of the projects
I studied his moves
I gotta pick myself up
And get myself home
I’ll get off this barstool
I won’t piss and moan,
"I could have been this…
I could have been that…
I could have been a contender
Just like Irish Pat”
I’m a lot like him
Except I rock and roll
Six string dreams
Always burned in my soul
At night from my room
You’d hear my guitar real loud
But this Johnny B. Goode
He got lost in the clouds
Blame it on the streets
Blame it on the thugs
Blame it on the booze
Blame it on the drugs
There’s always a demon
Lurking below
There’s always an excuse
And a final blow
Irish Pat Murphy
Grew up on my block
The years dance away
Can’t out-punch the clock
Time is a boxer
He’s fast as a cat
The cheers fade away
Before you know it… that’s that
Where is he now?
What has become
Of this grand warrior
Who should have been number one?
I'll burn all my clippings
My rock posters, too
One minute they love you
Next minute they boo
My daddy was a preacher
He tried to save my soul
I used to play the organ
In his tent show
There’s been so many trails
That never brought me home
My doctor said I’m dying
It’s a matter of time
But my clock’s still ticking
Tonight you’re on my mind
These days I’m looking pale
Not as much hair to comb
Take a chance on me, baby
Put me to the test
Give me part of your heart
I swear I’ll earn the rest
Allow me in your parlor
I’m locked out in the hall
As I’m waiting for the darkness to fall
You know that I’ve done my share
Of putting out the lights
I've been sick to my soul
From never doing right
I’ll steal the eyes out of your head
And never once get caught
I always stay behind
To kiss a lady’s hand
That foolish chivalry
Put me in the can
I’m always whiskey brave
And a penny short
I borrow from Peter
But I never pay Paul
I’m lightning in a bottle
I hear the wild call
I don't know if I should kiss you
Or piss on you all
As I’m waiting for the darkness to fall
To fall… to fall...
I’m waiting for the darkness to fall
That’s all… that’s all...
I’m waiting for the darkness to fall
The rag pickers and gamblers
The pool sharks and the thieves
Fleshed out my allure
They watched out for me
There’s been so many tender words
That I never could say
Guess I’ll be riding out
The way that I came in
I guess my filthy mouth
Will always smell of gin
There’s a ring around the moon
Tomorrow will be gray
See I’m buried decent
And proper words are said
Over my sad grave
About the life I led
No mercy for the losers
I stand among them tall
As I’m waiting for the darkness to fall
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