Johnny Boy Mollica


Urban rock and roll at it's finest from singer/songwriter JOHNNY BOY MOLLICA. This introspective street/poet's songs contain fire and danger, while reflecting the poolrooms, backstreets, and tenement world of Northern New Jersey.  His sound is vintage, commanding, and melodic... in the vein of Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, and Paul Simon, but rest assured he is as unique as any of them.  
Johnny Boy has appeared in concert with many rock luminaries including CLARENCE CLEMONS, GARY U.S. BONDS, RICK DERRINGER, and THE GOOD RATS in legendary rock venues such as The Ritz, My Father's Place, Trax, The Big Man's West, The Bitter End, The Left Bank, Great Gildersleeves, and The Northstage.
His current release JOHNNY BOY MOLLICA is a 10 song urban gem which as garnished raves reviews....  It is available on iTunes,, and CD Baby.
Johnny Boy's backup band THE DASHBOARD SAINTS consists of top-notch journeyman musicians such as Kevin Tooley (drums) Kevin has played with John Cale, Lou Reed, and Katrina and the Waves; Johnny Cement (bass) Johnny has played with the Gypsy Kings, Bruce Willis, and Richie Sambora; Robert Aaron (keyboards, sax) Robert has played with David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and Whitney Houston; Dylan Charles (lead guitar) Dylan is one of the finest and one of the most in-demand guitar players playing in the New York area today.  He is also a solo artist and is currently the lead guitar player for the group The Tickled Pinks; Stephanie Layton (keyboards) In addition to being a sensational solo artist herself and performing with many bands in and outside the NY area, Stephanie makes up one third of the vocal group The Tickled Pinks.   
JOHNNY BOY MOLLICA is one of Northern New Jersey's finest performers and a true musical journeyman.  Born in Jersey City, New Jersey on December 1, 1955, his primary interests during his early years were singing and playing guitar.  In 1969, he began writing his own songs and started his first band CURBSIDE.  A slew of other bands followed over the years ... Unshaven Shadows, Raincoats in December, Underworld, Dead Heroes, The Outfit, The Summit, Bail Money, The Hudson Hounds, and The Risk Factors.  All these bands performed Johnny Boy's original music... exclusively. 
Since 1970, this rock 'n roll troubadour has performed in hundreds of cabarets, nightclubs, and concert halls in the Northeast.  He became a headliner in many famed Greenwich Village folk/rock clubs including KENNY'S CASTAWAYS, THE OTHER END, and FOLK CITY.  
Under the stage name of JOHNNY CARUSO, he was a familar fixture on the New York City nightclub scene.  His band, THE JOHNNY CARUSO STORY, performed his own original music and was managed and produced by former Bruce Springsteen producer Jim Cretecos ("Greetings From Asbury Park", and "The Wild, The Innocent, And The E-Street Shuffle").
What some people are saying about JOHNNY BOY MOLLICA...
Got the CD....fantastic!  Great storytelling.
The songs lend themselves so much to a rock and roll musical.  Know any good playwrites?  Good work!!  Rock and Roll,
Christopher Brenner
Absolutely brilliant, album!!!  Bravo, Johnny Boy!!!  Clark Stevenson 
Great CD!  I highly recommend it!  Dave Osnowitz       
This is the newest, and I feel best, CD that Johnny Boy Mollica has put out. Full band playing with him, big sound, lyrics that reach into your soul and grab your heart. Johnny's music, songs, feeling, heart, and love that he puts into his music and the stories that he tells are fantastic! If you're from New Jersey, you laugh, cry, and bring back memories from the neighborhood where you grew up: if you're not from NJ, you'll get a first hand look into the life growing up in Northern NJ through Johnny's music. Get this CD!!!
Robert C. Tucker 
Phenomenal!  Sheldon Weiser
George Argondizza
Dude, I listen to your CD 10 times a day man!!!  Anthony Straton
Johnny Boy, Got your CD and it really is a beautiful piece.  I wish I played some guitar on your songs.  Glenn and I are going to come to one of your Saturday gigs and rock 'n roll!!!  Roger Petersen
Really good record, John.  I had no idea you had such range with your voice.  I also like the urban imagery. I am a sucker for a hook, so obviously I like New Jersey Luck.  But I am  also partial to Night of the Big Cheat, and Irish Pat Murphy.  Kind of surprised at the country rave up sound of Urban Myth, so I also like that a bunch. Hope you sell a pant load of CDs and downloads.  Really nice work.  John Depaola
My new favorite John Boy Mollica song is "The Night of the Big Cheat"... I've listened to it about 20 times in the past day!!!  Can't wait to hear it live!!!  Jeff Courtney
I love the underworld you describe... You're a rock 'n roll gangster....  Jerry Hobbs
Great CD John!! You still can write 'em!!
Glen Kakowski
Dark and brooding, Johnny Boy Mollica's new self-titled album is fabulous!  The rock world welcomes and hails the long overdue arrival of a true rock 'n roll song/poet.  You should be on the cover of Rolling Stone....
Ethan Scott
What can you say, this album is pure Johnny Boy Mollica.  It comes right off the streets of his life.  Larry Stevens
MOLLICA, if you ever meet Springsteen, Bono, or any of those guys, play them "Last Man Standing" and say, RIGHT HERE!!!  Tony Natoli
I love the lyrics to "Last Man Standing..." Great Song!  Pete Cosgrove
I LOVE IT, --ASS KICKING CD. Your are an AWESOME ARTIST.  We love you, Johnny.  I Thank you very much for this WONDERFUL SPECIAL CD... keep ROCKIN' the HOUSE down!  God bless you.  Thanks again... 4 thumbs up!!!  Michael Delacruz
Outstanding CD!  Every song is top notch!  You are one exceptional songwriter!
George Olson. 
CD is outrageous!  You are such a talent!
Geri Schmidt 
Got a great sound system listening to ur album right now--this is a great piece of work, brother!  Craig McNulty
I listen to your CD 10 times a day man!!!  Great album, Dude.  I love "Our Story Will Be Told"!  Anthony Straton

MORE ABOUT THE ARTIST...In addition to songwriting and singing, John is an actor, director, and screenwriter.  He wrote, directed, and starred in the feature film SCHOOL'S OUT which is currently being distrubuted by Peachtree Entertainment and is available for rental nationwide.
Moreover, John co-wrote the screenplay for the feature film MR. VINCENT based on his original story with director Robert Celestino.  MR. VINCENT was accepted into the 1997 Sundance Film Festival and is currently being aired on the Independent Film Channel.  It is available for rental in Hollywood Video stores nationwide. 
John's other screenplays include THE SPOON, FINAL EXAM, LAST TRAIN HOME, PALISADES ROULETTE, FRANKIE FLASH SLEPT HERE, and the soon to be released independent feature film HEROES IN THE DUST.
His stageplays include BROKEN MOON, THE HISTORY OF ROCK AND ROLL, and THE CHAMPION OF HUDSON TOWN, his own one-man show which he performed regularly at the Actor's Cafe' in New York City. 
He has also written one short novel entitled THE TALE OF FABIAN DeLAEO
John is a life-long native of West New York, New Jersey and a graduate of New Jersey City University where he received a B.A. in American Literaure.